Our two most frequently asked questions: Why do we have two teams? And why is Team 70 called MORE Martians if it is a lower number than Team 494 (who are called The Martians)?

Short version: After we won the World Championship in 2004, a lot of students wanted to join our team so we had two. We  acquired 70 after we had 494.

Long version:  In the year 2000, Team 494 became the very first robotics team at Goodrich High School. Team 494 won the World Championships in the year 2004. After that, the team became very popular and grew to 50+ kids. This became a problem because it gave the students less of a chance to have more hands-on experience with the robot, and the mentors wanted to give us more of that. At the same time, Kettering University from nearby Flint, MI, was sponsoring a FIRST robotics team known as Team 70. At that time, Team 70 had one mentor who was retiring and 5 students of which 4 were seniors. When it looked like Team 70 would no longer be able to be a functioning FRC team, our Goodrich mentors decided to try to help out.  They had a close working-relationship with Kettering University and agreed to step in and take 70 on as a sister team to Team 494.   This would give the students more of the hands-on experience they needed, and save a lower numbered team from becoming defunct!  We think of ourselves as true “sister teams” and as “FRC robot twins”.  We are quite unique in this way … and the rest is history!